God Boxes

A favorite gift over the years of many folks is the God Box.  It is a way to envision handing our worries over to God. Then, when our minds wander back to that worry during the day we are reminded that we’ve already “talked” to Him about that and He’s got it under control.

Worry is a burden we were never meant to carry.

Maple & Cherry Ornaments and Crosses

I once had the incredible good fortune of visiting the Nuremburg, Germany Kris Kringle Market. The beauty of the wooden ornaments was something to behold. There’s something about the simplicity of the beautifully cut wood ornaments on a lush green Christmas Tree that is irresistible. That memory, combined with the wonder of the German Scherenschnitte (Intricately Cut Paper Designs), inspire the Maple Ornaments we design and sell.


In the Spring each year, my friend Pastor David Krepel and I, work together to create NEW ornaments built around the Scriptures that come printed on the backing cards of each. These are a great gift for Co-workers, Bible Study Friends, Sunday School friends and can be tucked in a Christmas Card in appreciation for folks like the Mailman, your Pharmacist, and Teachers. A favorite of Grandparents who give their grandchildren an ornament each year and Nativity Collectors love them!

Maple Ornaments - MADE IN OKLAHOMA


*Semi- Retired Ornaments

 limited quantities on hand

please allow 10 days lead time

as we may need to make them