He makes the clouds His chariot and rides
on the wings of the wind. - Psalm 104:3
The Bible contains more than 900 references to the sky, clouds, heavens and "looking up." We still spend most days looking down at our feet, looking out at the future or looking in at ourselves.

Look Up invites us out of our everyday routine into the company of the Creator of the Universe. The scriptures on this subject are inspiring and God's undisputed artistry in the heavens is infinite and breathtaking!

A book of assurance.

12 text pages, illustrated with ten color photographs of clouds and sky.

This book is my new favorite! The action of looking up gives me an awareness of God everyday. Whether the day has clouds, storms, sunshine or smog, when I look at the expanse overhead I know that the Creator of the Universe is bigger than my circumstance.

Look Up