Handmade Recycled Steel Ornament

                    Beyond Borders Haitian Metal Art - A Fair Trade Company 

After a devastating storms in Haiti, all food and water relief arrived in 55 gallon steel drums Amazing Art made by reclaiming these Barrels, using a hammer and awl to create intricate designs is a powerful living out of the verse from Isaiah

                                               “Beauty instead of Ashes”      

 Please specify your ornament choice in the "add a note" section. of the shopping cart A. Christmas Tree, B. Angel, C. Heart, or D. Two painted Hearts. They are $9.95 each. I currently have a dozen of each in stock. Every piece comes with the story, so your recipients know this is a "Gift that keeps on Giving". Be sure to check our the gorgeous Nativities on the Mission page.                 

Haitian Metal Art Ornaments